The exhibition Fractals by the Vienna-based new media artist Ozan Turkkan is the result of years of research in the field of fractal geometry, which guided the viewers into viewing the world through the orderliness of recognisable images. Fractal is one of the most difficult terms in geometry to define. In simple words, it is a geometric figure that repeats the same pattern over and over again. This means that as you get closer to an object, you begin to see endless repetitions of it. Although this seems conceptually difficult, it is a pattern we encounter every day. Our world demonstrates exceptional mathematical order.

While working on the Fractals exhibition, digital artist Ozan Turkkan was inspired by the elegance of geometric patterns, reinterpretation of the aesthetics and beauty of algorithms.

“Our DNA makes us fractal creatures. We see fractals in zigzag coastlines, leaf shapes, mountain lines, in our nervous system - everywhere. The whole world is the realm of fractals. Order and regularity are everywhere. Perhaps that is why there is a certain serenity in fractal art. Harmony, which exists in spite of disorder, maintains our faith in life” says
Ozan Turkkan.
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