The central theme of the exhibition is rethinking of the cultural landscape and the decentralization of artistic practices in Russia at a time when the world had to slow down and the regular course of life was disrupted. The standstill has inspired us to have a thorough look at manual and labour-intensive techniques in the field of contemporary art and to look for inner inspiration within ourselves and within the country.

Vladimir Chernyshev immerses himself in the nomadic research of traditional culture. The themes of his works refer to several barely readable mythologemes: arch, stars, shadow, rainbow, butterfly and flame. These symbols are mainly associated with the feeling inspired by old book illustrations, chemical treatises, early naive images, the interpretation of which is important for the artist to make on his own. They hint at recognisable archetypal images which exist in different cultures. A new series of works talks about impossible natural phenomena, temporary conditions and about shadows of things. In his works, Chernyshev refers to materials which are constantly changing their aggregation state - fluid tar, rosin and clay are living their own lives.

Ustina Yakovleva invites us to immerse ourselves in reflection and nature, in the changing landscape of the Northern Russia, where her family comes from. She builds her artistic practice around the magical landscapes of the Russian north, talking about silence and isolation. Her perception of nature is a meditative process of co-existing with flora and fauna. The craft of ancient Russian traditions, which is clearly manifested in the works by Yakovleva with elements of embroidery, beads and pearls, is deceptive in its simplicity. Here, contemporary art and decorative and applied art become one. There are many semi-familiar symbols in Ustina's rhythmic works which echo nature. Her artworks mediate dialogue with the deserted but enchanting landscapes of the Russian wilderness.

Traveling through these nature-inspired spaces, offering dream scenarios of possible future existence, we suddenly remember that we are able to rebuild our reality, get off the familiar path and head into the welcoming shadow of the landscape.

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