Kaleidoscope is an exhibition by the artist and sculptor Sasha Frolova, known for her unusual latex objects and performances. Her works immerse the viewer into the world of fantasy, fairy tales, poetry and emotions. Scenario of the exhibition guides the viewer through the multifaceted spectrum of colour refraction, endless worlds of visual and emotional experiences. Artworks split up and multiply in mirror surfaces, in video sequence, in AR and iridescent lenticulars. Video-installation Kaleidoscope and sculpture, places in the central hall, ties all these worlds together into one.

“In everything I do I strive to achieve the effect of fascination. The word fascination is very close to me. In art it means the kind of “spellbinding”, where you can’t take your eyes off something, when you are pulled in by what you see and often you don’t understand why. I like to give the viewer room for interpretation - this is the freedom of contemporary art. As an artist, I want the viewer to try not to understand but to feel the form, to be fascinated, to pause, to admire, to stop analysing and to start perceiving” - says Sasha Frolova.
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