This exhibition emerges from Zaryadyology, a collaborative research project, carried out by anthropologist of architecture Michal Murawski together with a students and staff at the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism.

The research team carried out participant-observer research within and around Zaryadye Park; as well as organizing a series of Zaryadyological roundtables at several Moscow venues, including Triumph Gallery, the Higher School of Economics, the Dostoevsky Library and the Stalinist skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

Our methodology emerges from the concept of ‘ethnographic conceptualism’, as coined by Nikolai Ssorin-Chakov. Our curatorial work is intended to act as an ethnographic conceptualist portal between

Zaryadyological research and art.

The artists selected to take part in the project — all of them based in Russia — have chosen the focus and title of their works themselves, but they have been asked to respond to the work-in-progress results of our Zaryadyological research: to incorporate their interpretations of the ethnographic material presented into the conceptual and tangible substance of the Zaryadyological roundtables.


Michał Murawski, Daria Kravchuk

Artists: Maria Kremer, Natalia Timofeeva, Ariadne Arendt, Marina Moskalenko, Maxim Spivakov, Egor Isaev, Kirill Melamud, Isadorino Gore, The Centre of Contemporary Dance / Rodchenko School, Anton Zabrodin, A4-16, Alexander Morozov, Hanna Zubkova, Sergey Kishchenko / Maxim Ilyukhin, Anya Shevchenko, Alexey Korsi, Alexey Taruts,

Assistant Curators/Art-mediators:

Yana Spidikova, Ruslan Grebenichenko, Marianna Shkurko

Research coordinators:

Michał Murawski, Marina Sapunova, Sasha Strepetov, Ekaterina Dyba


Daria Volkova, Ekaterina Tretyakova, Gleb Yabchanka, Marianna Shkurko, Dana Shukirbaeva, Sofia Ganzhinova, Ira Karaselnikova, Margarita Chubukova, Elena Ovdenko, Anna Dalinina, Ekaterina Kondrateva, Ruslan Grebenichenko

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