SOCII is based on an exploration in practice of interior (intimate) and exterior (public) expression. The event consisted of a series of participatory installations produced by invited artists, and open for public intervention, manipulation, and inhabitation. The event took place at Dropcity, Milan, during the Salone del Mobile 2023.

SOCII project aimed to transform a derelict railway tunnel into a chaotic exhibition and workshop during Milan Design Week 2023. The tunnel 38 aimed to be as a zone of expression, and challenging the concept of consumerism, desire, production, and improvisation. Shaking up Milan with the mayhem and energy from Tbilisi.

Collective Garbage Kids (Ulla Alla, Nikoloz Gabiskiria, Luka Abashidze) and lighting designer Kirill Stogni showcased works, which were made out of found materials, building waste. The space was more than just an exhibition. In the entrance a make-shift workshop greeted all visitors. The aim was to introduce and teach both our carpentry techniques in addition to the philosophy behind the work of artists & designers.
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